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What is Supply Chain Design?
Supply chain planning and execution systems are critical to running a business. Supply chain design tools are critical to determining how a business should run.

Answer Tough Supply Chain What-If Questions With Confidence
There are hundreds of supply chain what-if questions to answer when running a global business. How many millions of dollars are you wasting every year on sub-optimal supply chain decisions?
LLamasoft supply chain design software enables fast, data-backed answers to tough supply chain questions. Model your end-to-end supply chain to visualize inefficiencies, optimize for significant improvements in cost, service and risk; and test hundreds of potential scenarios for continuous supply chain visibility, improvement and innovation.

Supply Chain Network Optimization and So Much More – Design a Better Supply Chain


Bring your supply chain data to life in easy-to-understand maps, graphs and dashboards. A digital model of the supply chain helps identify potential problems and areas of inefficiency or risk.


Answer supply chain questions by evaluating and comparing dozens of scenarios side-by-side. Make strategic decisions and react rapidly to planned and unplanned supply chain disruptions.


Identify optimal supply chain designs based on assumptions around demand, costs, lead times and availability. Show the cost-optimal network design and the optimal design given variations in assumptions and business objectives.


Reduce risk by testing supply chain changes before enacting them. Execute the supply chain in a digital environment to factor in variability for each individual transaction, decision and movement throughout the supply chain.

Cardinal Health

Healthcare leader cut inventory holding cost by $4.5 million using supply chain network optimization and simulation.

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Turkcell, one of the world’s top mobile communications providers, saves thirteen percent on annual rework costs using network optimization

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Land O’Lakes

Land O’Lakes uses transportation optimization for acquisition rationalization and outbound shipment consolidation

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McCormick & Co.

McCormick uses LLamasoft modeling technology as a continuous-use, enterprise-wide decision support tool as a way to rapidly answer what-if supply chain questions.

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“LLamasoft tools such as Supply Chain Guru helped us take baseline information, learn from what we know today, and project it out into the future to gain visibility into how we need to organize our supply chain well in advance of the need.”

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Supply Chain Design Tool Kit

From just getting started to learning how to begin your journey, this kit has everything you need to know to jump start all of your supply chain design efforts!


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