Bring Your Supply Chain Design to Life With Apps

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Increase speed in decisioning and realize the full potential of your supply chain design. Planning by Design delivers:

•  Access to all of LLamasoft’s powerful analytical solvers
•  Low-code environment enabling business users to build, deploy and maintain apps
•  Right-sized solution for new groups of users within and beyond the organization

Finally, A Technology That Shapes To Your Business Processes

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Advanced Analytics Made Simple = Better Decision Making

LLamasoft Planning by Design doesn’t replace your enterprise planning system; it compliments it. By rapidly deploying apps, that have the power of LLamasoft’s advance analytics engines, you can more accurately optimize key business problems—even those hard-to-address, unusual business problems you thought you’d never easily solve. This enables your team to make smarter, faster decisions more frequently.

No matter what your supply chain challenge is, we have an app for that!

Product Demonstration:
Planning by Design (Cost-to-Serve)

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Jim Wilson gives you a Planning by Design (Cost-to-Serve) demo

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