Supply Chain Visualization

What is LLamasoft Visualization?

Comprehensive Out-of-the-Box Visualizations for Supply Chain Design and KPI Monitoring.
Harmonize all your data to gain the information and insight you desperately need through:

Central Storage of Supply Chain Focused Data

  • Database and ETL for loading and supply chain data
  • Enterprise-ready to store raw transactions and modeling metrics and relationships

Comprehensive Out-of-Box Visualizations for Design

  • Automatic calculations for design focused metrics
  • Visualization layer for fast performance with large datasets

Living Baseline Ready for What-if Modeling

  • Constant, living baseline ready for model building
  • Standard model builders can be leveraged based on the standard schema

Monitoring Process Toward Design Targets

  • View data at aggregate or detailed level to ensure savings are realized
  • Compared living baseline to targets

Analyze your business data, monitor key metrics, and load, validate and blend data.

For the First Time—All Your Supply Chain Data in a Single Database

With LLamasoft Visualization you can consolidate all enterprise supply chain data into one central access point, enable supply chain data integration through configurable connectivity, validation, cleansing and blending and bring the supply chain to life through interactive maps, dashboards and rapid analytics.

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