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RILA Event Preview: How Walmart Achieves Network Design Excellence

By LLamasoft Editorial Team  February 7, 2018

Every day there is a new headline about a retailer shutting stores, filing for bankruptcy or dramatically revising their strategy to survive in an overwhelmingly competitive environment. Running a retail supply chain isn’t easy, and it’s only getting worse.

In this “live or die” retail environment, retailers are being forced to put all options and scenarios on the table to drive greater efficiency, meet the increasingly high demands of their customers, but still be mindful of the bottom line. The previously tried and true formulas no longer need apply. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in the last decade, the percentage of online retail sales has more than doubled.

One area that many retailers are investigating for potential improvements is in their supply chain network design. By analyzing various adjustments to their sourcing, inventory, network and capacity planning, omni-channel and continuity planning strategies, many retailers can make small tweaks or major overhauls that enable them to remain competitive. One such retailer is Walmart.

Walmart’s Senior Manager of International Network Design, Joshua Buchanan, along with LLamasoft’s Vice President of Solution Strategy, Jeff Metersky, will share at the upcoming Retail Industry Leaders of America conference, how Walmart has been leveraging the three pillars of their supply chain strategy – people, process and technology – to achieve network design excellence in this rapidly changing marketplace. Here are the session details:


Walmart: Secrets of Success for Network Design Excellence

1:45-2:30 p.m.

Tuesday, February 27

Retail Industry Leaders of America Conference

Phoenix, AZ

Session description: Shhhhhh…what if you could learn tips for success from one of the world’s greatest retail supply chains? This session shares how it has utilized people, process, and technology to help them make better decisions, faster, and more frequently than their competitors. We’ll explore Walmart’s use of modeling technology to design a more competitive and efficient supply chain network, and to enable more rapid supply chain decision making. Attendees will learn how Walmart has built an international center of excellence for supply chain design to answer questions related to store assignments and capacity planning, growth modeling and transportation route design. Learn how this supply chain giant has organized its team, how projects are prioritized and how collaborative modeling has increased productivity for continuous redesigning the supply chain to keep up with evolving business conditions.

At the conference, don’t forget to stop by booth 329 to chat with the LLamasoft team and learn how others are navigating the retail apocalypse with retail supply chain improvements.