Integrated Network Design and Inventory Optimization Software

What is Integrated Network Design and Inventory Optimization?

Network optimization identifies the optimal flow of products throughout the supply chain and inherent cycle stock given the trade-offs between production, transportation, warehousing costs and service goals.

This integration of network and inventory optimization also enables analysts to consider completely new supply chain structures such as the opening/closing of distribution centers or manufacturing locations or new inventory stocking strategies for centralizing slow movers, then immediately evaluating the optimal inventory requirements for these new potential networks in order to develop a holistic network design that optimizes all costs in your supply chain.

LLamasoft Software

LLamasoft offers both network and multi-echelon inventory optimization within the same data model and user interface, enabling an evaluation of all aspects of inventory including safety stock, cycle stock, pre-build stock and WIP.

Supply Chain Guru integrated network design and inventory optimization software enables you to answer holistic supply chain design questions considering the impact on various types of inventory, to build and test dependable, repeatable inventory optimization processes across multiple what-if scenarios.

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