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Execution is a Vital Component of Improving Demand and Supply Planning Activities—Don’t Entrust it to Spreadsheets

Replenishment order calculation is fundamental to the success of supply chain planning. You need to quickly incorporate data from cross-functional, global demand planning processes and inputs from nance and procurement as well as inventory policies.



Using Optimiza order execution, you can simplify this complex process and move away from spreadsheet-based tools and subjective decision-making. Focusing on both the inbound and outbound orders, Optimiza takes into account all internal and external constraints of the supply chain for reliable and auditable replenishment.

Optimiza focuses on the inbound supply orders incorporating supplier pallet constraints, fill container, minimum value/volume constraints and supplier specific calendars, events and seasonality while still ensuring the outbound delivery orders adhere to transport, cage, store/branch capacity, and smooth picking guidelines to maintain warehouse and transport efficiency. Optimiza also manages the deployment of the available inventory throughout the network, the investment of additional inventory when and where required and the utilization of the company’s manufacturing assets.

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Optimiza Enables Findel Education Resources to Optimise Stock Levels and Find Significant Savings

The insight Optimiza gives Findal has improved forecasting communications with suppliers and these can now be more frequent and meaningful.

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  • Carnival Improves Forecast Accuracy Using Optimiza

    Organizing cruises all around the world on luxury liners that can accommodate up to 3,500 passengers feels like a dream holiday. However, when you take into account the challenge of feeding, entertaining, and accommodating this number of people for several days and the logistical complexity induced by the diversity of ships, routes, times, profiles of passengers, products, as well as anticipating and planning the needs of these ships before each port of call can easily turn into a headache and one that requires accurate forecasting and contingency planning.

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    Optimiza Vs Spreadsheets

    Top 5 Reasons Why Optimiza Wins Over Spreadsheet-Based Solutions

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