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Should Supply Chain Design be a Core Competence?

April 4, 2013

scdigest_19LLamasoft and LLamasoft Senior Vice President Toby Brzoznowski was featured in a recent article in Supply Chain Digest: Should Supply Chain Design be a Core Competence?

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“In an increasingly complex and dynamic supply chain world, should supply chain design really be a core competence in most organizations?

The reality is that although some companies have built small teams (even as small as a single person) to use some sort of network design and optimization tool to answer an on-going series of questions, do lots of “what if analysis” and more, it is still the exception. While the number of such companies is growing, they still represent a pretty low percentage of companies that could potentially benefit from such an approach.

“Instead, those companies will use network design tools perhaps just every three to five years, when they make a major acquisition to optimize the combined network, or based on some other one-time trigger, and then use traditional spreadsheet type tools to analyze all the other issues and questions in-between.

Are many those companies missing real opportunities to make better decisions that can lead to lower supply chain costs, more optimal service and performance, better management of trade-offs, and other benefits?

Absolutely, says Toby Brzoznowski, an executive vice president at Llamasoft, a leading provider of network design software…”

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