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Supply Chain Guru® Version 7.0 Sets New Standard for Supply Chain Design

July 19, 2011

July 19th, 2011

Ann Arbor, MI U.S.A. – LLamasoft, the leading provider of supply chain design and predictive analytics software, has just release its most ambitious software upgrade to date, Supply Chain Guru® version 7.0.

Volatility, changing demographics, supply risk, and globally integrated supply chains are the new norm in business. In order for companies to compete, they need software and support services that will enable them to engineer and design supply chains that effectively address these issues.

Supply Chain Guru 7.0, LLamasoft’s most comprehensive upgrade to date, adds significantly stronger capabilities to its already powerful feature set, so that supply chain analysts can optimize even the most complex supply chains and solve their organization’s most intricate problems.

Supply Chain Guru® 7.0 Highlights:

” Supply Chain Segmentation – Customer buying patterns vary widely, and certain products are more predictable or more profitable than others. This new supply chain segmentation functionality enables users to identify 2D and 3D groupings of key product attributes to identify supply chain “segments”. Users can then interactively create new business logic for each unique segment to design the optimal supply chain plan for each situation.

” Service Parts Inventory Optimization – Service parts and other products with slow moving or unpredictable demand pose significant inventory challenges. This new functionality combines powerful, automated demand analysis and curve-fitting techniques with unique inventory stocking algorithms to determine the optimal placement of inventory for many hard-to-predict product types. This new functionality is simply an extension of Supply Chain Guru’s powerful multi-echelon inventory optimization capabilities.

” Lead Time Optimization – There are times when time-to-market and product lead-times are more important than cost to the success of a product line or an entire business. This new functionality enables analysts to place a “weight” on the importance of specific end-to-end lead time requirements to help evaluate the trade offs and proper balance between service and cost.

” Global Geographic Coverage – Leveraging a new relationship with Esri and embedding open-source global mapping and road network resources, LLamasoft has created new levels of global geographic coverage and logistics detail directly within Supply Chain Guru. This includes service level maps, demographics, geo-coding and reverse geo-coding, road route visualization, and much more.

” Visualization & Analytics -Powerful optimization algorithms and data integration functionality is useless unless users and analysts can easily “see” the results and compare different scenarios. Supply Chain Guru has always been know for rich data analysis, but Version 7.0 adds an even more extensive arsenal of visualization and reporting capabilities, including enhanced map-based data interaction, tabular reporting to easily compare dozens of complex scenarios, and flowchart-like viewing of product flows and costs.

“This major release is an incredibly important milestone for LLamasoft,” stated Don Hicks, LLamasoft President and CEO. “Version 7.0 brings unparalleled quality, scalability and performance to this market place.”

Hicks added, “LLamasoft customers have been pushing the limits, optimizing and simulating thousands of sites and millions of transactions. With V7.0, LLamasoft has clearly lengthened its lead as the Supply Chain Design platform of choice for professionals in the field. Version 7.0 delivers incredible value and a competitive advantage to our customers, helping transform their supply chain’s design from a historical accident to an intentionally engineered, robust and resilient network.”

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