Supply Chain Simulation

Predict your supply chain behavior before decisions are implemented


Supply chains experience unending demand shifts.  A supply chain that is performing efficiently and effectively today may not be tomorrow. Planners are engaged in a seemingly endless triage or firefighting tasks as their supply chains fail to deliver against their customers’ expectations.


The platform allows you to simulate unlimited scenarios, factoring time and variability into each transaction, decision and movement throughout your supply chain. This enables you to see how it will perform under different designs. Predictive analytics show you point-in-time metrics such as on-time deliveries, inventory levels, expedited shipments and costs.

Accurately predict your supply chain behavior and make proactive decisions.

  • Assess the impact of increasing customer demands in a time-phased manner
  • Determine when to add additional capacity to any supply chain node including supplier volumes, manufacturing locations, distribution centers and transportation modes
  • Simulate changes to production strategies to validate the impact of capital expenditure
  • Stress test your supply chain to see where unknown capacity constraints surface
  • Assess risk for natural disaster contingency planning and formulate alternative operating plans before disasters occur
  • Simulate potential post-merger synergies and cost structures as part of merger and acquisition due diligence

Accurately predict the behavior of your supply chain to test the impact of possible decisions – giving you the power to know before you decide. is an AI-enabled enterprise decision platform built exclusively for analysis of the extended supply chain.  It combines three key analytics capabilities into a single platform to accelerate the speed and quality of business decisions with advanced, in-context analytics that span the breadth and depth of the extended supply chain and its specific functions. highlights operational trends, patterns and trade-offs through a centrally accessible supply chain digital twin that continuously pulls and prepares data from the comprehensive supply chain ecosystem.

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