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Sustainability and Adaptability in the Age of Disruption with enVista

By Matt Gunn  April 20, 2020

Want Sustainability? Design a More Efficient Supply Chain

LLamasoft has sustainability at its core and our partners are no different.
LLamasoft partner enVista is also dedicated to the practice of sustainability and is a seven-time recipient of the Supply & Demand Chain Executive Green Supply Chain Award. Their goal is to help reduce a company’s overall footprint which reduces pollution while improving service and profitability. The right combination of perspective, technology and services can help achieve all of the above. Nate Rosier, enVista Vice President of Strategy, says, “The best way to make an immediate impact on the environment is to design a more efficient supply chain.” He joins host Matt Gunn to discuss sustainability, services and how to optimize the supply chain for a better world.