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The Success of Digital Twins and Why They Matter Even More

By Matt Gunn  May 19, 2020

Tim Judge, President and CEO of Agillitics presents his view on the purpose and creation of a Digital Twin to help Supply Chain organizations develop a nimble technique for quickly solving business questions that in the past only needed to be answered on a monthly, quarterly or yearly cadence. First step? Bite small, chew fast as you map things out.

The Digital Twin is an idea that has grown over the last 5 years, but there is some debate about the definition: What exactly are they and what is their purpose? Our host explores the concept,definition, intent and implementation of digital supply chain twins with our guest Agillitics President and CEO Tim Judge. Using real world examples, Tim breaks down how the use of a Digital Twin is particularly effective because it allows the flexible blending of strategic, tactical and operational uses case when you need to rapidly react to changing market conditions, customer expectations,or calamities. Digital twins are the great unifier of decision making with an organization too, as the roles and responsibility of data moves from silos to integrated organization-wide.

You can read more about the Digital Twin implementation methodology that Agillitics employs in the blog 7 Steps to Build Your Digital Supply Chain Twin