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Here is Why LLamasoft is Going Green.

By LLamasoft Editorial Team  June 4, 2019

You may have noticed LLamasoft recently revealed a new, green identity. This blog explains how our business objectives align with our new color pallet and branding! It’s not just about a new HEX color, it’s a symbol for the ways in which our clients and recruits conceptualize the monumental impact LLamasoft can have on the world. Keep reading to find out how LLamasoft’s initiatives surround growth, value, and sustainability. 


In nature, green is a symbol of growth. Our strategic goal to positively impact lives with our technology would not be possible without growing our global team and client-base. 

Here are some stats from 2018 that we are proud to share: 

  • We acquired 80 new customers, bringing our total customer count to nearly 700 global clients 
  • LLamasoft saw a 40% increase in subscription renewal 
  • Our global employee count grew more than 15%

We have been named Ann Arbor’s fastest-growing tech company for 11 consecutive years, and we are not stopping any time soon! 


In many cultures, green symbolizes financial value. We enable our clients to save hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of dollars. At the same time, we are committed to helping them obtain the proper infrastructure for continued success and ongoing value realization. 

How do we provide value? Here are some customer testimonials from a few of our clients: 

  • “We began our partnership with LLamasoft on Supply Chain Guru 2.0 in 2003 and are still an active customer today. The reasons we chose LLamasoft back then are the same reasons we continue our relationship today: LLamasoft offers the most innovative supply chain design technology and the people we work with are knowledgeable and dedicated to customer success.” Ettore Piccirillo, Group CSE Director, Unilever 
  • “Not only does [LLamasoft] integrate network optimization and vehicle route optimization, but it will also simplify our data input and output analysis, enabling us to quickly identify opportunities for freight savings in our supply chain.” David Raymond, Vice President of Operations Transformation, Wayfair 
  • “Retailers are at different stages of omni-channel adoption, but at every stage from initial strategy development to execution, there is opportunity to leverage modeling and simulation as a way to compare, socialize and test designs for the most confidence in your decisions.” Peter Hunnwell, Director of Supply Chain Strategy, Michael Kors


LLamasoft is committed to enabling our customers to operate supply chains with environmental responsibility. Sustainability initiatives are complementary to our commitment to positively impact lives and to providing value to customers who seek to reduce their carbon footprint and save capital by reducing delivery miles and waste. 

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We are excited to kick off this new journey with our loyal customers and talented global team. Learn more about LLamasoft by following us on LinkedIn and Twitter!