LLamasoft Acquires Opex Analytics

Forming New Applied AI Powerhouse
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Delivering the science behind supply chain’s biggest decisions

Supporting real-world supply chain design decisions and scenario testing, we give innovative leaders strategic certainty for transformational growth.

Innovation fueled by insight

Our insights have helped over 750 of the world’s most innovative companies reimagine their supply chains.

The LLamasoft Difference

Planning and operational systems run supply chains but they don’t help you decide how to make improvements or design what’s next. With LLamasoft, customers create a true end-to-end view of their supply chain and operational policies. Then, our advanced analytics reveal interconnected insights on the right changes to make – before you implement them. Providing strategic certainty to business innovators that they can deliver business – reimagined.

The LLamasoft Platform combines four distinct technologies to deliver unique enterprise-wide decision support.


Find the most comprehensive view of your supply chain for immediate insight into what is and what should be happening.

Discover How


Let the industry’s most comprehensive array of algorithms and supply chain solvers identify the optimal design to meet your business objective.

Design Effectively


Settle your course of action without the constraints of current operational policies using newly revealed and interconnected insights.

Decide Confidently


Distribute supply chain intelligence back out to the enterprise using our micro apps for ongoing discovery, responsiveness and optimization.

Deploy Successfully

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Not only does [LLamasoft] integrate network optimization and vehicle route optimization, but it will also simplify our data input and output analysis, enabling us to quickly identify opportunities for freight savings in our supply chain.”

David Raymond
Vice President of Operations Transformation

“We partner with LLamasoft because Supply Chain Guru offers some of the most innovative supply chain design tools to drive efficiency and effectiveness across our distribution network strategy.”

John Phillips
Senior Vice President Customer Supply Chain & Go-To-Market

“Retailers are at different stages of omni-channel adoption, but at every stage from initial strategy development to execution, there is opportunity to leverage modeling and simulation as a way to compare, socialize and test designs for the most confidence in your decisions.”

Peter Hunnewell
Director Supply Chain Strategy
Michael Kors

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