Customer Success Strategy

First things first, at LLamasoft we want to make sure that your organization is setup for success and can generate value with our solutions. For this our Customer Success team will work with you to determine that longer term plan for success, leveraging our flagship DECODE® methodology to accelerate your maturity progression through the journey of smarter design and decision making in supply chain. From a fully dedicated supply chain savvy and industry experienced resource advising your organization, to thought leadership and point of view workshops, to orchestrating implementation and post implementation value creation, the Customer Success team is there to ensure that your organization is developing the competency at the right pace and with the right results beyond efficiency.

Business Performance Reviews

On a periodic basis our LLamasoft Customer Success Strategists and Managers develop data-driven insights from the business, customer community, and the market to provide in a session with your organization to understand both current status as well as future outlook and support a longer-term plan development for success. This is a key part of the LLamasoft experience and our commitment to value creation with all of our customers globally.

Success Accelerator Workshops

Our workshop offering is constantly growing and developing as we identify relevant trending topics as well as capture further insights from our broader community and research engagements.  Current offerings below to support acceleration

  • Organizational Structure Workshop
  • Metrics For Success Workshop
  • Supply Chain Strategy Workshop

Thought Leadership Workshops

Our thought leadership workshops are geared towards providing insights on trending topics, innovation, and competitive advantage.  These sessions are setup in a combination of interactive challenges as well as presenting material from insights and forward thinking in different industries.  We aim to serve these insights in a way that is it useful and meaningful in your organization’s journey.  At LLamasoft we understand the importance of collaboration and consensus within the different areas of the organization and aim to provide a vehicle to integrate the design and decision making across stakeholders.


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