LLamasoft's Offer for Smarter Design & Decision-making Success

Professional Services

LLamasoft leverages data and the power of AI to gain deep insights and solve complex problems for companies who battle a barrage of constantly changing market conditions and ever-evolving customer demands. The combination of our enterprise-grade analytics platform and our unmatched team of seasoned data scientists with simulation, optimization and machine learning expertise help us unlock the value potential of AI for our customers. Our services are tailored to your needs and opportunities at all levels to help you get started, accompany you throughout your journey and accelerate your pace.

The LLamasoft Experts

The LLamasoft Services team are experts in supply chain solutions and best practices. They have worked on more than 3,000 projects globally to deliver successful supply chain designs and scenario testing while creating value through our solutions. LLamasoft offers flexibility in leveraging our services in to achieve our joint goals. From implementation, modeling and competency development advisory to temporary team capacity augmentation, LLamasoft is working with partners to deliver the services required for your success.

Specific Consulting Engagements

Our experts tailor specific projects with our partners to ensure we deliver on value, transfer knowledge and engage with your organization. Every consulting engagement is on our mind as an opportunity to further help you develop the competencies at hand.

Extended Consulting Engagements

Our Services team and our partners offer extended support to help you identify additional resources. It is important in business to not miss a beat, so we are available in time of change because we know the value that can be achieved.

Implementation Advisory

If your organization has a need for direct advisory on our products, best practices or custom development, our Services team is available to support through coaching, insights and guidance as needed.

Solution Architecture Advisory

Our Services team offers  solution design oversight and council and milestone meeting participation to ensure your ultimate success, along the project you are developing directly or with one of our partners.

Design Advisory

Our advisory team ensures our customers are capable of developing and scoping a sound model to deliver the data-driven insights to address a particular business question. We will participate in sessions, workshops and meetings to help design and craft the approach to guide you toward the recommended and implementable solutions.

Learn More

To discuss your specific requirements or to arrange for a customized consulting proposal, reach out to your Customer Success Strategist or Manager Directly or contact LLamasoft at 865‑598‑9831