Supply Chain Credential

Supply Chain Design – Level 1 Credential

Success in supply chain design is more than software alone.  A critical factor is the supply chain design expertise of the practitioner.

LLamasoft is dedicated to elevating the technology, the talent and the art of Supply Chain Design. As a result, we have established the first ever Supply Chain Design – Level 1 (SCD-1) credential and that indicates “advanced beginner” competence in supply chain design.

What is the SCD-1 Credential?

A software neutral, professional credential. Holders of the SCD-1 credential demonstrate fundamental knowledge of supply chain management and design, including core concepts of supply chain management, basic principles of optimization, simulation and heuristics, and common practices in data transformation, modeling, analysis and visualization.

Candidates who hold SCD-1 credential demonstrate acceptable performance – through a passing exam score – “advanced beginner” knowledge​ (80% fundamental / 20% intermediate) of the following:​

  • core concepts of supply chain management​
  • basic principles of optimization, simulation, and heuristics​
  • common practices in data transformation, modeling, analysis, and visualization

Who Should take the Exam?

While there are no formal eligibility requirements, the SCD-1 credential is intended for:

  • Students interested in pursuing a career in supply chain analytics
  • Professionals interested in advancing a career in supply chain analytics
  • LLamasoft customers, partners and employees

Benefits of a Supply Chain Design Credential

Individual Candidates

  • Differentiate yourself from peers
  • Validate proficiency
  • Increase employability and earning potential


  • Identify, hire, and promote the right talent
  • Develop continued competency
  • Improve credibility and visibility with industry-recognized expertise


While on the job experience is typically enough preparation for working supply chain professionals, we have created a handbook to share more details, provide a suggested list of recommended reading for the exam and provide a selection of sample questions.

Exam Details

The 90-minute proctored exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions that were developed from task statements gathered by survey of our employee, customer and partner community.

The exam fee is $300 per person. Passing grade results in a digital badge for sharing via professional networking sites.

Exam format

  • Language: English
  • Time limit: 90-minutes
  • Number of questions: 50
  • Question types: Multiple choice
  • In-person or virtual proctored exam
  • Computer-based
  • Passing score: 80%

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