LLamasoft Learning Experiences

LLamasoft Learning Experiences

LLamasoft offers learning experiences that cover the needs of a model builder, data manager, solution designer and end users of our products. We cover everything from the basic introduction to our software, to advanced exercises and custom sessions.

We understand that learning occurs through a complete support network, which is why we partner with other teams within LLamasoft to ensure that you have the skills you need to build the solutions that matter.

LLama Learning Center

Sign up for on-demand training courses that cover the basic functionality of our products, as well as access hands-on exercises to explore key use cases.

  • Introduction to Supply Chain Design
  • Getting Started with LLamasoft’s products
  • Foundations in model building
  • Use Case specific exercises
  • and more!
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Live Sessions

Looking to ask questions and benefit from the experiences of our Supply Chain Design experts? LLamasoft offers a variety of virtual events you can attend to interact with talented LLamas who are eager to share their experience and best practices.

Live sessions are offered regionally, and registration is capped at 7 students, meaning you get a personalized experience tailored to your needs.

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Talent Strategy

LLamasoft recognizes that success in supply chain is more than software alone. One critical factor is the expertise of the practitioner. Establishing standards for the supply chain design profession is one more manner in which LLamasoft can facilitate customer success.

Join a growing community of professionals earning LLamasoft certifications. LLamasoft certifications are intended for LLamasoft customers and partners, as well as practitioners and students interested in advancing a career in supply chain analytics.  Earning these certifications is a way to validate proficiency and differentiate yourself from your peers.

LLamasoft partners with academic institutions globally, coupling curriculum and technology to develop the next generation of supply chain talent.  Whether you are an academic institution interested in partnering on talent development or an organization seeking guidance on where to source supply chain talent, please email learn@llamasoft.com for more information.

LLama Learning Center

“The new e-Learning Center gives a great introduction to LLamasoft’s suite of solutions. It’s easy to use and navigate, and it gives you both a good foundation of supply chain concepts, as well as hands-on experience in building different types of models.”
— Elina Stelman,
Logistics Optimization Analyst, Unilever