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At LLamasoft we understand that making smarter decisions and designing involves not only having a solution but also aligning with key stakeholders in the organization, as well as understanding what are the practical applications out there than can make the organization highly competitive and successful. Given this, our Learning Experience team, a group of professionals specialized in designing and developing customized educational content and experiences, is constantly developing activities that your organization can leverage to accelerate this journey, and working together with our highly experiences training delivery team we assure we will get you and your team up and running effectively and efficiently:

Practical Applications

Getting to know further questions and decisions that you can ease through our solutions is very key as the organization matures and creates value. There are always more opportunities to find more benefits but getting concrete ideas and methods on how to address such questions is not easy. At LLamasoft we have created short online courses through our LLama Learning Center that focus on the most common decisions and business questions being addressed by our customer base, with an industry focus. These courses guide you on how to leverage and setup our solutions step by step to achieve this, followed by an assessment to highlight key concepts to learn. Practical applications are added monthly to our platform for continuous learning.

Interactive Challenges

Engaging stakeholders, as well as continuous learning for the organization on smarter design and decision making is an ongoing task. We know this is not straight forward and we want to help out making it more manageable. Given this, we have developed a series of games for users, managers of users, and executives to participate and better understand the importance of collaboration, trade-offs, and decision complexity that exemplifies and justifies the use of robust solutions to support them. Our team is continuously developing new gaming experiences to suit the particular needs of our customers and partners and spreading the word on the importance of understanding the key business decisions, consensus and breaking silos and how to be smarter about design and decision making.


The LLamasoft training program provides a complete learning experience focused on enabling your organization to address your smarter design and decision-making needs, by combining foundational courses in e-learning with expert-led product training courses as well as instruction in strategic supply chain modeling techniques and methodologies, accompanying assessments and follow ups, and on-going training subscription programs. At LLamasoft we understand that learning is an everyday activity and that it should be a continuous virtuous cycle, which is why we have designed a wide variety of course options in order to fit the needs of customers and partners not only on the technical use of our solutions, but also in developing their design and decision making competencies in the organization. From expanding current onboarding programs for new talent, to developing on-going training subscription programs, to customized courses tailored to particular needs through the success journey, our team designs, develops, and delivers a comprehensive learning experience.

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“The new e-Learning Center gives a great introduction to LLamasoft’s suite of solutions. It’s easy to use and navigate, and it gives you both a good foundation of supply chain concepts, as well as hands-on experience in building different types of models.”
— Elina Stelman,
Logistics Optimization Analyst, Unilever

LLamasoft Solutions Training Can:
Our team provides expert product training as well as instruction in strategic supply chain modeling techniques and methodologies.

  • Help you identify greater supply chain cost savings
  • Improve service levels and reduce working capital
  • Enable you to engage with your supply chain strategically and tactically
  • Promote continuous network improvement
  • Simulate inventory flow to evaluate risk and opportunities through multiple scenarios
  • Ensure plans are both optimal and feasible
  • Facilitate bigger, faster and more complex supply chain and inventory flow models with flexible model building

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