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LLamasoft COVID-19 Response Center

Comprehensive Services to Support Rapid Recovery

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WEBINAR: COVID-19 | Answering your most urgent supply chain disruption questions

View our on-demand webinar introducing LLamasoft’s Virtual “War Room”, using analytics to support short-term decisions for operational disruptions in the supply chain. LLamasoft’s Mike Watson and Carlos Valderrama will discuss the service and insights from leading brands.


The COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic is an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, affecting the daily lives of people worldwide and causing the largest quarantine in human history. In addition to the personal toll, its impact on businesses in virtually all sectors and geographies is also unprecedented.

LLamasoft is closely monitoring the situation and working with our customers to help them support the restoration of service levels and critical capabilities and once restored, we will be here to help plan for future resiliency.


Comprehensive services to support better decisions amid uncertainty.

JD Logistics Expedited Shipping

Through our partnership with JD Logistics, LLamasoft customers can access dedicated support to expedite shipments within China or to any intended location across the globe.

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COVID-19 Impact Analysis

Our expert supply chain consultants, paired with your data in a predefined app help you rapidly analyze the impact across your current supply chain to quickly restore operations.

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Augmented Analytics Services

Are you struggling to complete the analysis needed to be able to rapidly restore operations? We can supplement your team and rapidly augment your analytics capability.


COVID-19 Newsfeed

The LLamasoft COVID-19 Newsfeed delivers real-time visibility to vital information to help enterprises stay informed of new developments as they occur. Built on the platform, the app is available for free to anyone with a valid business email address.

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Supply Chain Disruption Checklist

The supply chain disruption checklist can help you understand the near- and long-term steps to consider during a supply chain disruption, while laying the foundation for greater resilience across the extended supply chain.

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COVID-19 War Room

Bring it on!  We’ll deploy a team of data engineers, data scientists, supply chain and modeling experts with a full range of AI tools to build rapid apps that support better immediate decisions.

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Identify vulnerabilities, determine risk tolerance, and redesign your supply chain to balance risk, service and investment.

Risk and Resiliency Program

  • Understand current risks
  • Determine risk appetite/tolerance in the organization
  • Develop analytics-based playbooks
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Create a long-term risk management plan to create a more resilient supply chain against future disruption.

Dynamic Sourcing

Respond to rapid changes in demand and market conditions by optimizing your sourcing strategy to ensure greater flexibility and scale.

Dynamic Network Design

Optimize your supply chain to drive greater efficiency and performance today while laying the foundation for responsive change to meet evolving market conditions.

Digital Twin

A digital representation of the end-to-end supply chain enables you to fully explore options, assess risks and evaluate trade-offs to speed or automate decisions.


The latest news and information on the impact of COVID-19 and the global supply chain.

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