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We're taking a new approach that brings new context to demand modeling.


Demand Guru insights reveal your true drivers of demand across mid- to long-term horizons to enhance enterprise decision making.

Self Learning

Internal and
External Causals


Done Right, Demand Predictions Take on Demand Volatility

“Demand Guru lets us get ahead of the demand patterns so we can get answers to leadership before they make their decisions.”

Donald Anderson,
Assistant Director of Analysis
Air Mobility Command – U.S. Air Force

Solve Your Most Challenging Demand Needs

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say by 2025, AI & machine learning are top technology advances with largest impact on forecasting and demand planning.

IBF Future of Demand Planning and Forecasting Survey, June 2018

By 2020, organizations offering users curated catalog of internal and external data will derive


as much value from analytics investments.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms, February 2019

External Data Reveal Causal Factors and
Inform Demand Scenarios

Demystify and Deepen Demand Modeling

Reduce bias and subjectivity in demand modeling with AI segmentation techniques that self-learn, identify key patterns, group like items and help you prioritize actions to more accurately predict demand.

Master Cause and Effect

Access a wealth of external data in our Trend Cloud, including weather and macroeconomic indicators, to better understand causal factors and test new possibility demand scenarios and sensitivities.

Extend Forecast Horizons

Consider demand scenarios further into the future with our proprietary algorithms to gain a clear picture of what’s ahead mid to long-term, with virtually no limitation to your demand projection timeframe.

Who uses Demand Guru?

  • Identify macroeconomic drivers and what-if analyses
  • As part of portfolio planning, understand halo-effects and product cannibalization, model new product launches, product lifecycles and promotions
  • Forecast demand for mid to long-term to support Capex planning, network design and strategic planning
  • Analyze price elasticity of demand

  • Build accurate future demand scenarios to test sensitivities as part of supply chain design process
  • Apply the right growth rates to products and geographies to test design robustness
  • Gain insight into product characteristics such as seasonality, intermittency, variability and life cycle that helps determine optimal inventory strategies
  • Roll up/down business forecast to meet model needs
  • Explore key drivers of demand in supply chain considering external factors
  • De-seasonalize/de-trend demand to remove known sources of variability as part of right-sizing safety stock

  • Support long-term business planning and provide insights on market share
  • Better understand consumer buying behavior
  • Determine demand sensitivity to price and market changes
  • Easily interpret visual outputs

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