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March 26, 2020

Forbes reports global companies need COVID-19 war rooms

"COVID-19 has created a supply shock. Companies are scrambling to figure out how to get the components they need for manufacturing. Clearly, digital war rooms could be useful for multinationals that want to explore a multitude of scenarios and be better able to respond under different conditions," the article states.

A "key technology for a COVID-19 war room would be a supply chain design solution. LLamasoft is the leading supplier of supply chain design software. Their solution is called Supply Chain Guru. Supply chain design software allows companies to look at their supply chain - where all their warehouses and factories are, how their transportation flows through the network – and ask whether based on the projected demand, that is the optimal network. Would a different supply chain configuration lead to lower costs and yet achieve the same or even a higher service level?"

The article continues, "One use case too little deployed is to use supply chain design tools to design a more resilient supply chain that can better weather big, unexpected shocks. As Toby Brzoznowski, the Chief Strategy Officer at LLamasoft points out, in normal times, risk analysis is a low priority project. Cost and customer service are the most common. Then, perhaps, comes sustainability. Now risk analysis is 'front and center'."

Learn about LLamasoft's War Room here.

Read the full article here.
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