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How LLamasoft’s Learning Experience Team is Helping Build Better Supply Chains…with Knowledge!

By Andrew McGuire  March 13, 2019

We at LLamasoft are pumped. Better yet. We are psyched. We are on the verge of being able to help our customers more than ever. We are doing it new ways, but the backbone is doing exciting things with data as we have always done.

My name is Andrew McGuire. Over a year and a half ago I joined the Instructional Technologist position on the Learning Experience (LX) team. Our goal on the LX team is to enable our customers’ success and guide them through their LLamasoft journey. It starts with our customers. We seek to understand your needs and experiences, in order to create engaging, meaningful, innovative learning solutions.

For years, product training (or learning & development) departments have been represented by a dot point on a project plan labeled, “Training.” This was a reactive and underinformed way to give customers the support they needed. As the relationship between product and training evolved, we’ve gotten closer to meeting customer needs by allowing L&D to have some input into how the user interacts with the product, based on customer feedback to how their learning needs are met.

Forward-thinking companies are now looking for additional value that LX teams can add. Companies are now looking for ways that their customers can become knowledgeable in the product faster, find value quicker, and love the product enough to become life-long customers. This is what we are committed to on our team. This is what makes me proud to be a part of LLamasoft’s LX Department.

It wasn’t long after I started on the team that we had a chance to put this commitment to practice. Our team had created a series of videos that lived on the LLamasoft product Help system. These videos did the job, but when it came time to update them, we started to look at the math. We soon realized that a five-minute video could take as much as four hours to make.

Needless to say, we were interested to see if people were watching the videos and if this work was adding value for the customers. We wanted to know if people were learning about the product from the videos. Did they find them helpful? Which videos were the most watch? And this all got to the core of who we are as a team; were we creating meaningful learning experiences?

We had to experiment and borrow our way to figuring out an approach. We read whatever information there was out there about using xAPI to track video viewing habits. There was not much out there. But there was enough that we could start building out some prototypes.

Now using xAPI, we are getting a better idea of how learners best utilize the content designed to teach them about the product. We know that the faster our customer can get their questions answered, the quicker they are able to get a model to run and design a solution that answers their questions they faster they are able to move on to the next challenge. This is what we want more than anything; we want the customer in the product solving the big challenges that they are facing. The less time they spend learning and the more time they spend doing, the better we are at our jobs.

By using data and analytics we hope to make our customers experts in the product as quickly as possible. Oh…and happier. Who doesn’t love a happier customer?

Do want you to learn more about xAPI at LLamasoft? Come and talk to us. Ryan Hicks (Director of Learning Experience at LLamasoft) and I are going to be presenting at the Learning Solutions Conference & Expo in Orlando on March 26th. We would love to talk to our customers. We have a list of resources that we would can’t wait to share with you. You can also read more about learning data and xAPI on my LinkedIn blog or see my work in action within the LLamaLearning Center.