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Forbes names LLamaCon top supply chain show to attend in 2020

Fobes listed LLamasoft’s LLamaCon as one of the Best Supply Chain Shows to Attend in 2020. The conference, which includes attendees from around the world to discuss the latest technologies and trends to address challenges in the marketplace, will take place June 17-19 in Hollywood, FL. Check out the article for more events.... Read More

Forbes reports supply chain planning digital twin insight from LLamasoft CSO

Forbes shared digital twin insight from Toby Brzoznowski, the chief strategy officer at LLamasoft. “…he defines the digital twin somewhat differently than others in the industry. The digital twin is not the individual operational, tactical, or strategic model. It is a separate layer of the SCP solution stack that facilitates the strategic, operational, and tactical plans to operate from common data and parameters – everything set-up times, to lead times,... Read More

LLamasoft: offering innovative solutions to accelerate adoption of AI

Dr. Madhav Durbha, group vice president of LLamasoft, talked with with Supply Chain Digital to discuss LLamasoft, the company’s solutions, industry trends and 2020 predictions. Here’s a sneak peek: “Supply chains across the board are undergoing a massive shift. Rising customer expectations, increased nationalistic agendas resulting in uncertainty in tariffs, connected consumers empowered by information, increasing focus on sustainability and the explosion of data are just a few factors that... Read More