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LLamasoft CEO discusses the coronavirus impact on the global supply chain with BBC Radio

Listen to LLamasoft CEO Razat Gaurav talk with Calum Mcdonald of BBC Radio about the coronavirus’ implications being complex and very specific yet different for each industry. See the transcript of this interview below. Calum Macdonald: Now, we do want to look at one of the other sides to this outbreak of the coronavirus in mainland China, and it’s the effect that it’s having on the world’s supply chains. Wuhan... Read More

The new coronavirus could have a lasting impact on global supply chains

LLamasoft’s analysis of the impact on manufacturing caused by the coronavirus (officially named COVID-19 by the World Health Organization) was published in The Economist. The electronics industry is most at risk, according to our research, because of its relatively thin inventories and its lack of alternative sources for parts. Read the full article published in The Economist. LLamasoft’s solutions are helping leading companies develop contingency plans for supply chain disruptions.... Read More

Coronavirus and the Automotive and Pharmaceutical Supply Chains

Logistics Viewpoints talked with LLamasoft CEO Razat Gaurav about the impact that the Coronavirus is having on both global automotive and pharmaceutical supply chains. “Most OEMs single source components for new vehicles and China is a large supplier of those. Thus, there is exposed risk. The automotive industry has been going through a ‘regionalization’ trend for the last 5 to 8 years with major hubs emerging in Mexico, Eastern Europe,... Read More