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Trade war – Which way out?

LLamasoft, a supply chain analytics firm, looked at representative American MNCs in clothing, cars and electronics to assess the impact of America’s threatened imposition of a 25% tariff on all Chinese imports. It assumed firms would move sourcing and manufacturing out of China only as much as economic logic dictates. The analysis recognised the costs of moving production and the benefits of reduced inventories, cheaper logistics and shorter cycle times... Read More

The Changing Skillset of the Supply Chain Professional

In this new era of supply chain management, the required skillsets have become more advanced. Mat Woodcock, Customer Success Strategist, LLamasoft explores the skills and behaviours businesses need to invest in The beauty of technology’s impact on the supply chain is its power to add value by enabling faster and smarter decision making. However, while AI, machine learning and automation will continue to disrupt, organisations still rely on human talent... Read More

6 Trends Shaping Supply Chain Management According to Dr. Madhav Durbha

Disruptor Daily recently interviewed a panel of leading experts on emerging trends and technologies in the context of supply chain management and transportation. LLamasoft’s Group Vice President of Industry Strategy, Dr.Madhav Durbha, took part to share his views. Read on for his views and links to series of articles covering the views of these experts: “As tradewars and tariff uncertainties continue, nearshoring, or transferring business to a nearby country, will... Read More