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Can Blockchain solve Brexit’s border puzzle? Experts are skeptical

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – A team of experts has come up with a plan to use blockchain tracking for trade between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to avoid the re-imposition of a hard border after Britain leaves the European Union. The ELAND consortium said on Monday that its proposal would involve building a secure freight transit system based on digital-locking containers, GPS routing records, automated certification and anti-tampering enforcement... Read More

Supply chain digital transformation demands new skills

Madhav Durbha’s take on the evolving supply chain landscape includes a warning: Organizations will need to address the growing skills gap it is creating. The last few years have ushered in a remarkable supply chain digital transformation. Organizations have implemented next-generation technologies and new processes, upending the traditional linear supply chain model. The effect is noteworthy: Companies are pushing siloed ERP systems out of the back office and creating digital... Read More

Razat Gaurav on BBC Radio

LLamasoft’s CEO Razat Gaurav talks with BBC Radio about companies getting caught in the trade war. See the transcript of this interview below. Announcer: This is BBC Radio 5 Live, available on the BBC Sounds app. Up All Night, with Rhod Sharp. Rhod Sharp: The trade war between the world’s two economic giants goes on. But after a year of advance and retreat, American and Chinese deputy trade negotiators are... Read More