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Logistics Manager April edition: sustainability and risk management in the supply chain

This month’s issue of Logistics Manager is a sustainability special, taking a look at how the coronavirus is impacting environmental approaches and how companies can improve. “Optimally positioning inventory in consideration of demand densities, efficiently loading and routing trucks and taking advantage of back-haul opportunities are all tactics that logistics companies can and should implement,” LLamasoft Group Vice President of Industry Strategy Madhav Durbha is quoted in the article. Other... Read More

When will the COVID-19 pandemic allow Americans to return to work?

“How fast can the U.S. go back to work? Our disaster preparedness capabilities, and the supporting supply chains, will help to determine the answer to that question. When it comes to these issues, there are few better sources than Dr. Pinar Keskinocak and Neelima Ramaraju,” the article reads. “The difficulties we are facing in responding to the pandemic are in part due to the design of medical supply chains.” Dr.... Read More

AI is changing everything we thought about forecasting demand

By Vikram Srinivasan, Senior Director of Product Management at LLamasoft The rise of cloud computing, smart devices and IoT have all resulted in a massive data explosion. By 2025, the amount of data will double every 12 hours. AI now has the ability to consume data far more efficiently than humans, delivering on the possibility of insights and predictions never before imagined. But McKinsey reports that only 33% of organizations... Read More