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Supply chain digital transformation demands new skills

Madhav Durbha’s take on the evolving supply chain landscape includes a warning: Organizations will need to address the growing skills gap it is creating. The last few years have ushered in a remarkable supply chain digital transformation. Organizations have implemented next-generation technologies and new processes, upending the traditional linear supply chain model. The effect is noteworthy: Companies are pushing siloed ERP systems out of the back office and creating digital... Read More

Implications of the Announced LLamasoft Partnership with JD Logistics

This week, Supply chain network design, planning and analytics technology provider LLamasoft’s announced a strategic partnership with JD Logistics, which is the logistics business arm of China’s online retail platform Supply Chain Matters views this as a significant partnership as well as indicator of growing interest in advanced analytics technologies applied to B2C focused business processes. According to the announcement, JD Logistics will exclusively deliver and integrate LLamasoft’s software... Read More

Demand Planning Breaks Down During Recessions

In 2010, I talked to a supply chain executive from a consumer electronics accessories company who mentioned the terrible return on investment he had gotten from implementing a demand planning solution. I was surprised. Most of the time I hear about pay back periods of less than two years from implementing supply chain solutions. He pointed out that the implementation had occurred during the great recession that occurred during 2007-2009.... Read More