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5 Challenges Retailers Face This Holiday Shopping Season

Holiday shopping is going to look very different in 2020. For many years, the growth of digital retail channels has continued to outpace growth or brick and mortar shopping. But because of COVID-19, shopping online will likely turn into more of a “have to and need to” versus a supplementary option to your typical in-store shopping traditions. How will this channel-shift during the busiest shopping season of the year affect... Read More

LLamasoft and mSE Solutions enter into a strategic partnership

Munich Germany-based mSE Solutions is a pioneer in the development and implementation of end-to-end supply chains. They announced a collaboration with LLamasoft to focus on designing a digital end-to-end platform for supply chain management. LLamasoft’s solution provides a platform upon which mSE can integrate and implement global process chains. “With mSE and LLamasoft, companies will be better prepared for the various challenges in their global business activities and master... Read More

COVID Crisis Shifts Supply Chain Management From Efficiency to Resilience

Throughout 2020, supply chain leaders have been forced to think creatively about how to approach and mitigate challenges they have been facing as a result of disruptions related to COVID-19. According to Slimane Allab, General Manager (EMEA) at LLamasoft, one of the most common and effective trends he is seeing amongst LLamasoft customers is the implementation of collaborative “war rooms.” “Some have seen [COVID-19] as an opportunity, like grocery retailers.... Read More