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Near Term Forecasting Powered by AI

LLamasoft’s Mike Watson, SVP and General Manager, Opex Analytics Division explains how AI can be leveraged for near term forecasting. “What is near term forecasting?  I would describe it as trying to predict what your customer’s next order will be.  This problem is even more prevalent for those selling through fast growing e-commerce channels.  That is, if you are a manufacturer selling through Amazon,, Home, etc., the question... Read More

What will the Post-COVID-19 World look like for Last Mile Delivery?

LLamasoft’s Ryan Purcell, Director – Global Impact, talks with American Journal of Transportation about how the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of technologies in last mile delivery, and will continue to do so in the aftermath, creating a competitive advantage among key players in the industry which use AI technology to digitize inventory data. Last mile delivery will certainly not look the same after COVID-19 and companies should prepare for... Read More