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Next Gen Supply Chain Prediction: Increased AI/ML “operationalization” contributes to business value

The data explosion is at its peak and becoming more mainstream across all industries – the supply chain is no exception, maintains Dr. Madhav Durbha, Group Vice President of Industry Strategy at LLamasoft, a leading provider of enterprise supply chain design technology. He predicts that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will move beyond its current “hype cycle” next year to offer more tangible use cases that deliver real... Read More

2020 supply chain buzzword or phrases

Madhav Durbha, group vice president of industry strategy at LLamasoft, shared with Inbound Logistics what he thinks will be a 2020 supply chain buzzword. “Supply chain digital twin,” he said. “With the rise of cloud and algorithmic intelligence, digital representation of a supply chain no longer needs to be a patchwork of models for sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, etc. Instead, a living model can be digitally rendered to simulate real-world events.”... Read More

Areas to Avoid: Common Pitfalls in Supply Chain Digital Transformations

by Dr. Madhav Durbha Digital supply chains are all the rage now. A quick browse through the public filings and investor presentations of several publicly traded corporations indicates some sort of digital supply chain initiative under way. This is not surprising given the major factors reshaping supply chains, such as rapidly shifting consumer behaviors, trade wars, heavy M&A activity, the Amazon effect, increased focus on sustainability and cyber-physical convergence. However,... Read More