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Using Analytics to Drive Sustainability in the Supply Chain

It’s not just Starbucks and straws: sustainability is something every company needs to take seriously. According to a recent Nielsen study, two-thirds of global consumers are willing to pay more for products from sustainable brands or brands that are committed to being environmentally friendly. As such, “going green” is becoming an expectation. Those companies that go the extra mile have much to gain in terms of social status and branding. Luckily for... Read More

Economic nationalism to force a lane-change

Supply chain modelling, testing and planning for every potential scenario are set to become increasingly important for players at every stage of the automotive supply chain Typically, the world experiences waves of economic nationalism every three decades but these are often limited to one region each time. Today we’re experiencing a global wave of economic disruption across multiple regions simultaneously. In reaction, automotive manufacturers are having to increase the flexibility... Read More