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Aerospace and Defense

The aerospace and defense industry is affected by a changing business environment; shrinking budgets, changing acquisition models, globalization and increasing customer demand. The industry is faced with increased pressure to create sustainable results for equipment uptime while delivering improved financial performance to the bottom line.

Increased service issues, often a direct result of inefficient supply chains, has resulted in enormous cost overruns, delayed product rollouts and missed delivery dates. Many businesses have been forced to make serious adjustments in production which has affected the entire supplier network. You can’t control market volatility, but you can design a supply chain that enables a rapid and intelligent response.

Tackle tough questions with smarter, faster supply chain decision-making

  • Geopolitical tensions are continuing to intensify – Driving demand for military equipment to rise and driving up defense spending across the globe.
  • M&A activity increases – 2018 deal value was 83% higher than the 10-year average and the third largest in history – fueled by digital transformation efforts and pressure to reduce costs and increase production.
  • Rapid technology disruptions create industry disruptions – multiple new aircraft segments are poised to disrupt the industry including small, electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles projected alone to grow to $500B globally.

Our aerospace customers identify an average of 10.6% total variable cost savings while driving operational transformations across the supply chain.

Better insights = proactive decision making to power innovation

With LLamasoft you’ll unlock a new kind of interconnected intelligence across each distinct supply chain function. Using the industry’s most comprehensive set of powerful analytics and scenario testing, you’ll have the data and insights to make real-world decisions with certainty and without the constraints of current operational policies. Greater insights enable better decisions to support innovation and transformative growth.

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