Make Confident Decisions Amid Technology and Market Changes

Life Sciences

In the Life Sciences industry, you’re on the front line of emerging digital technologies and a growing aging population. Personalized medicine is skyrocketing along with artificial intelligence adoption, while heavy merger and acquisition activity adds uncertainty. You must navigate this volatility and change and continually adjust supply chains to changing market conditions to avoid risking loss of market share and profit.

LLamasoft enables pharmaceutical and medical device companies to create a digital twin of your end-to-end supply chain. In a virtual version, it’s easy to experiment with new ideas in a risk-free environment, identify opportunities for cost savings, and empower people to rapidly put them into action.

Smarter, faster supply chain decision-making

Through the lens of our prescriptive and predictive algorithms, mine your data for deep insights to drive decisions around:

  • Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures – Identify new network structure and how to measure efficiency gains
  • Network Infrastructure / CAPEX Investments – Assign number of facilities, location, and which customers they serve
  • Capacity Planning – Plan for growth, seasonality, and labor, for next month or years in the future
  • Inventory Decisions – Identify trade-offs between production and inventory, and how to plan for growth and seasonality

Leading Life Sciences companies partner with LLamasoft

Our pharmaceutical and medical device customers identify an average of 6% total variable cost savings while maintaining or improving customer experience.

Better insights = proactive decision making to power innovation

With LLamasoft you’ll unlock a new kind of interconnected intelligence across each distinct supply chain function. Using the industry’s most comprehensive set of powerful analytics and scenario testing, you’ll have the data and insights to make real-world decisions with certainty and without the constraints of current operational policies.  Greater insights enable better decisions to support innovation and transformative growth.

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