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LLamasoft Acquires Barloworld SCS – A Letter from CEO Don Hicks

By Don Hicks  November 3, 2015

Today Barloworld and LLamasoft announced a deal that will redefine the supply chain software industry.  Although LLamasoft and Barloworld have been respectful competitors over the years, our two companies share many values and ideals, including deep commitment to serving customers honestly and energetically, and a shared passion for the importance of supply chain design and planning technology to help our customers survive and thrive.

After months of discussions and getting to know each other, Barloworld and LLamasoft agree that it’s time to work together, instead of competing.  Today we announced a new agreement to work together as Strategic Partners.  As part of that agreement, LLamasoft is acquiring the Barloworld Supply Chain Software business, and we will continue to work together around the world with our common customers.

Change is often scary.  This industry is full of stories of companies that “sell out”, squeezing customers for higher fees and putting innovation on the shelf.  This is not that story.

LLamasoft has grown to be the market leader because of our focus and dedication to making new technology.  Software doesn’t operate itself, it only works if the people using it have access to deep resources, excellent support and a dedication to success.  We look forward to utilizing the knowledge and talent of the entire Barloworld SCS team as we embark on this next stage in the advancement of supply chain innovation.

We are excited about this announcement and look forward to continuing to expand our growing and global community of supply chain designers and planners across all industries. Through this acquisition we look forward to providing more resources to our customer base, greater innovation and stronger products.

We can’t wait to get started. To learn more about the acquisition, click here.