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LLamasoft Joins World Economic Forum’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

February 19, 2019

ANN ARBOR, Mich.—February 19, 2019LLamasoft, a global leader in supply chain design and decisioning solutions, today announced that it joins the World Economic Forum’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Based in San Francisco, the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution brings together leaders from governments, academia, leading technology companies and other stakeholders from around the world to create the policies for how to address emerging technologies, codesign innovative governance protocols and policy frameworks and pilot them with partners around the world.

Against a backdrop of dramatic geopolitical shifts, global disparity and climate change, technology is impacting every industry and humanity at large. January’s annual World Economic Forum meeting focused on channeling the use of emerging technologies and increased awareness to the inequity that exists in access and ability to derive benefit from these revolutionary technological advancements. The Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, along with the expertise of LLamasoft, will address the urgent need for a faster and more agile approach to leveraging emerging technologies more universally.

“We are living in an extraordinary time with technology advancement impacting every aspect of our lives and blending together the physical, digital and biological worlds. We believe we have a duty to utilize our technology and expertise beyond the commercial aspects of business,” said Razat Gaurav, CEO, LLamasoft. “At LLamasoft we have had a strong track record of leveraging leading edge simulation, optimization and machine learning capabilities to enable humanitarian aid organizations and governments to design and run efficient supply chains that connect people in need to aid, vaccines, medical supplies and healthcare. We have also been working on driving the sustainability agenda with our customers in enabling a greener supply chain that minimizes wasted resources. It is a great honor to be invited to join The World Economic Forum’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and to work with other like-minded professionals to ensure that all people across the planet reap the benefits of technology innovations.”

LLamasoft will contribute supply chain design knowledge and expertise that spans across every major vertical industry to propel the work the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution has underway on significant topics such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Autonomous and Urban Mobility, Drones and Tomorrow’s Airspace, Digital Trade, Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology and Data Policies.

“With the emergence of new technologies and rising global inequality, the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution is acting quickly to bring experts together to lay the foundation needed to shape the future,” said Zvika Krieger, Head of Technology Policy at the World Economic Forum. “We are eager to welcome LLamasoft to the table to have their expertise designing and piloting policies and frameworks, which will accelerate the adoption of science and technology for the benefit of society.”

About LLamasoft, Inc.

LLamasoft supply chain design software helps organizations worldwide design and improve their supply chain operations. LLamasoft solutions enable companies across a wide range of industries to model, optimize and simulate their supply chain network, leading to major improvements in cost, service, sustainability and risk mitigation. Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, LLamasoft is a leader in supply chain excellence and innovation, advancing technology focused on continuous improvement of enterprise supply chains for the world’s largest organizations.

About the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network

The Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network brings together governments, leading companies, civil society and experts from around the world to co-design and pilot innovative approaches to the policy and governance of technology. Its vision is to shape the development and use of technology in ways that maximize the benefits and minimize the risks. The network develops, implements and scales up agile and human-centered pilot projects that can be adopted by policy-makers, legislators and regulators worldwide.

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