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LLamasoft Multi-Objective Optimization Gives Businesses Holistic View of Trade-Offs Across Multiple Objectives

September 10, 2013

Rapid, Automated Trade-Off Analysis Across 19 Supply Chain Objectives

Ann Arbor, MI (Sept 10, 2013) – LLamasoft, the global leader in supply chain design software solutions, introduces multi-objective optimization technology that enables businesses to analyze the trade-offs between multiple supply chain objectives for faster, more informed decision making.

In the real world there are multiple, often competing goals driving supply chain design. Multi-objective optimization is an integrated tool within LLamasoft Supply Chain Guru supply chain modeling software that allows users to quickly view the trade-offs between these objectives in order to select the best solution. Multi-objective optimization quickly presents an automated, big-picture view of possible choices, enabling users to optimize the supply chain with a broad view of business goals.

Using a simple user interface, the tool automates the analysis of trade-offs across 19 available objectives. Multi-objective optimization automatically optimizes to and provides insight into any two best solutions, such as lowest cost and best service, then quickly presents the trade-off analysis between the two. Useful in any supply chain decision with more than a single objective, the tool builds a trade-off curve allowing analysts to visualize the interaction and span between different options and more efficiently move to detailed scenario analysis.

“In the real world there are many business objectives besides cost,” said Toby Brzoznowski, Executive Vice President of LLamasoft. “LLamasoft’s multi-objective optimizer not only automates and streamlines trade-off analysis, but also provides a simple workflow and allows users to easily identify any point on the curve for a full scenario analysis.”

LLamasoft multi-objective optimization is a feature of LLamasoft Supply Chain Guru 8.0, available on Sept. 24, 2013.

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