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Drastically Reduce the Time to Decision

Every enterprise decision starts with a question. But in a world where external change can quickly outpace the enterprise’s ability to keep pace, decision makers often find themselves answering questions without full confidence that they’ve made the right choice. That’s because traditional methods of modeling and analysis require massive amounts of data and a significant investment in time and resources.

LLamasoft Model Studio drastically reduces the time to reach a decision. It transforms supply chain modeling and analysis from a one-off project into a consistent and repeatable process, unlocking unlimited potential to answer both strategic and tactical questions about your business.

Built on the enterprise decision platform, Model Studio provides your team the tools it needs to quickly access data, model the supply chain and run countless scenarios – to help you confidently reach the outcome you prefer. Model Studio leverages’s always-on Decision Data Model to provide instant access to relevant information from across your supply chain planning and execution systems, enterprise data lake, and transactional records, as well as from external datapoints such as rates, duties and tariffs. With instant access to LLamasoft’s deep library of algorithms, Model Studio allows you to analyze and optimize the supply chain across specific use cases and scenarios and to easily collaborate with and share information among relevant stakeholders across the enterprise.

  • Rapidly build and deploy models to support business decisions
  • Deliver models to support scenarios and fully assess tradeoffs and options
  • Manage, share and collaborate models to accelerate insight development

Model Studio is part of, the AI-powered enterprise decision platform delivering the science behind faster, smarter decisions across the extended supply chain. Get in on the revolutionary impact AI has on operations, strategy, and competition.

What can tell you about your supply chain?

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