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Podcast: How to Embrace Risk and Make Intentional Business Decisions

By Matt Gunn  October 2, 2019

In the world of high stakes poker, players make critical decisions every 90 seconds without any knowledge of what hand their opponent holds. Each decision could be worth thousands — if not millions — of dollars, and there’s no reward for second place. Do you fold under pressure, or make a calculated bet based on all the risk factors and information you have in hand?

Listen to the podcast: 

Like competitive poker, global trade also places businesses in a competitive environment where stakes (and risk) run high. And you don’t always know what card the competition has up its sleeve.

In this podcast, Caspar Berry joins Matt Gunn to talk about what it means to make critical decisions under tremendous pressure. A Cambridge-trained economist and former competitive poker player, Berry will be delivering a keynote at LLamaCon EMEA in Prague this November.

Listen to this interview for a preview of Berry’s approach to risk, and register for LLamaCon today to learn from Berry and some of the worlds leading supply chain leaders.