Planning by Design: A Smarter, Easier, Faster Way to Do Supply Chain Planning

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Rapidly Design and Deploy Planning Applications for Better Decision Making

LLamasoft Planning by Design, powered by, is a brand-new paradigm in a world of rigid, cost-prohibitive, time-intensive planning solutions for supply chain optimization. Now you can rapidly configure tailor-made planning apps that complement existing enterprise systems, are easy to use and maintain, and can more realistically incorporate unique business constraints and operational policies to improve your supply chain planning by utilizing state-of-the-art solving techniques.

Advanced Analytics Made Simple = Better Decision Making

Your existing supply chain planning systems leave you with unresolved planning problems, and can’t rapidly respond to changing business conditions. Planning by Design is different: it delivers LLamasoft’s advanced analytics capabilities in an adaptable and easy-to-use interface for planners. Empowering your planners to make better decisions can help you laser target your business problems to reduce supply chain costs and increase profitability.

Planning by Design: A Web-based Apps Approach to Supply Chain Planning and Improved Profitability

LLamasoft best-in-class Planning by Design apps don’t replace your enterprise planning system; they make it better by providing rapidly-deployed solutions to more accurately optimize key business problems—even those hard-to-address, unusual planning problems you thought you’d never easily solve.

  • Rapidly deploy apps optimizing key business problems, enabling your planners to make smarter, faster decisions more frequently
  • Access to all of LLamasoft’s powerful analytical solvers
  • Low-code environment enabling business users to build, deploy and maintain decision support solutions to realize strategic benefits
  • Right-sized solution for new groups of users within and beyond your organization

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