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Supersonic Market Sensing eBook Preview: The Need for Speed

By LLamasoft Editorial Team  February 28, 2020

Performing at the speed of need. This has quickly become the rallying cry for enterprises determined to adapt to the rapid pace of global commerce that leads to sustained growth and profitability.

Your customers stand front and center, demanding, “Now!” But “Now” has taken on a bigger meaning than just “When.” Customers expect what they want, when and where they want it. Predicting future customer demand with speed and precision becomes a critical means for delivering on their expectations — and your success.

Get your complimentary copy of Supersonic Market Sensing: A Breakthrough Guide to AI-Powered Demand Modeling

Your ability to adapt to market shifts and accelerate decisions about your product portfolio, sourcing strategies, capital expenditures, working capital requirements, product flow strategies and strategic capacity planning can mean the difference between competitive dominance and obsolescence.

The challenge is facing constantly changing market dynamics and industry complexities. These include the rise of the connected customer, the “Amazon effect,” macroeconomic impacts, trade wars and political unrest, the subscription economy and Internet of Things (IoT), sustainability initiatives, shipping constraints… the list of changes goes on and on. While historical performance may offer helpful insights towards what the future holds, change is happening far too rapidly to rely on internal rear-view mirror metrics.

BCG Henderson Institute1 says that “leaders need to master new strategic capabilities, such as adapting to shifts in the market, shaping the environment in which they operate and renewing strategy when old models have been exhausted.” They term this competency “vitality — the capacity to reinvent the business for the future while ensuring strong performance in the present.”

This AI-powered demand modeling guide provides a practical guide to combat volatility with vitality. Learn how AI can uncover your demand patterns, harness the power of both your internal data (such as historical transactions and customer sentiment) and external data (such as macroeconomic indicators, geopolitical and natural disaster events) to rapidly model what-if scenarios and dramatically improve your market sensing predictions.

Innovators in their industries have already embarked on this journey and are experiencing 10-20% improvements in market sensing abilities — some even higher. Your organization too can be well-positioned to break through the traditional demand predictions ceiling and speed across the horizon to sense market shifts.

Adapting to customer needs with speed and agility will be more than a rally cry, it will be your reality.

Download the eBook now.

1 Achieving Vitality in Turbulent Times, BCG Henderson Institute, October 21, 2019, Martin Reeves, Gerry Hansell, Kevin Whitaker, Tom Deegan, and Hen Lotan