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The Drones are Here: 4 Game-Changing Uses for UAVs

By LLamasoft Editorial Team  October 3, 2019

The near future has potential for vastly different global supply chains, and UAVs are already changing the game for many lives and organizations. We are LLamasoft and we help the world’s top organizations like the World Economic Forum, General Motors, JD Logistics, and Zipline handle complex supply chain and logistics issues. While much of that work is done to optimize the supply chain of today, the world’s leading enterprises are looking ahead at the decisions they will make about tomorrow’s supply chain. New technologies (such as drones), an evolving workforce, and global trade regulations are adding complexity to an already bumpy road. Here are just a few game-changing applications for UAVs that are on our radar.

1) Retail and Global Logistics

Same day delivery is about to get even more interesting. Companies like FedEx and Walgreens are testing delivery drones for last mile solutions, and it certainly won’t end there or anytime soon. We ask ourselves, why? You should be able to answer that question yourself because if you are still reading this blog you are definitely an omnichannel consumer.

2) Humanitarian Aid and Global Health Care

UAVs can deliver life-saving materials such as blood, vaccines, immunizations and diagnostics – they’re already proving to be particularly useful in areas with limited infrastructure, where urgency often outpaces the development of roads and distribution networks. Postpartum mothers can receive blood and medical supplies more quickly when faced with complications. The more we enable these modes of the future with sophisticated network optimization, the more lives we can save together.

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3) Agriculture

The agriculture industry is facing many complex issues with trade wars, climate change and a shrinking labor force. UAVs are not necessarily taking jobs but creating jobs that are more difficult to fill. For example, drones may help protect margins for the agriculture industry by surveying crops and predicting harvests. This is an amazing technological advancement that requires a very specific skillset to execute. Additionally, worker bees could be out of a job as UAVs are being tested as pollinators to compensate for the declining bee population. And pests beware – drones are the newer, smarter scarecrow, bringing a 21st century spin to pest control.

4) Infrastructure Development

If drones can help build and maintain entire structures, then why is rent still so darn high? While we haven’t quite solved for housing, UAVs are changing the game for infrastructure, facility planning, and inventory optimization. And because of their size, agility, and general ability to boldly go where humans can’t, drones bring great potential for improving human safety by conducting observations of unsafe areas.

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