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The F.O.R.C.E is Strong with Kimberly-Clark

By LLamasoft Editorial Team  December 30, 2019

Planning Optimization with LLamasoft to deliver a Digital Twin and Repeatable App underpinned by AWS

When one-quarter of the world’s population uses your company’s products, you have a significant planning system to wrangle.  Three years ago, Kimberly-Clark started down its strategic path to 2022 where they could use the FORCE (Focus On Reducing Costs Everywhere) to: grow their portfolio of iconic brands, leverage cost and financial discipline and allocate capital in value-creating ways.  Especially in China, they had a high demand variability is due to the Black Friday concept, an emerging trend in tying promotions to the popular spring festivals, causing people to buy ahead.

So, they looked for change. This changing demand was difficult to get ahead of with existing systems.  Local region employees were struggling with the systems and turned to Excel, gut feels and instinct for planning.  While the planners were optimizing to the best of their ability within the toolsets they had, certain pieces of complex dark data that they didn’t fully understand were left off the Excel models. In addition, they couldn’t properly take advantage of the unique capabilities each plant offered that would allow for additional optimization.

Listen and watch the presentation from AWS re:Invent conference in December 2019 where Michael Lett from Kimberly-Clark introduced the 4-steps they followed when working with LLamasoft technologies to deliver insights, collaboration and data-driven decisions within just a few weeks with remarkable results.