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What the US Army Can Teach Us About Leadership in a Crisis – Adapt & Thrive Podcast

By Matt Gunn  April 3, 2020

From the rapid rise of new business models and unexpected competition to the disruptive force of COVID-19, enterprises have entered a new age where the never normal operating conditions are the new normal. Although there is no clear end to the disruption caused by the pandemic, leaders in the front lines of the supply chain face the challenge of keeping critical goods moving in order to protect their business and, in many cases, helps support human lives.

When it comes to operating a vast and complex network to uphold the safety and security of human lives, few supply chains can compare with that of the United States Army. In this episode, General Wyche shares his experiences running a $58 billion supply chain and provides insight on managing logistics and operations challenging times. Tune in for perspective on how to develop strong leaders within a global organization, and what it means to keep the supply chain running when lives are on the line.

Guest Bio:

Enlisting in the Army at age 17 and rising through the ranks from private, to sergeant, to Lieutenant General, Larry Wyche served as the second highest ranked logistician and supply chain professional in the United States Army. From global transportation and distribution, manufacturing, maintenance, research and development, to procurement, Larry has done it all. As Deputy Commanding General of the United States Army Materiel Command, Larry presided over day-to-day operations of a $58 billion enterprise overseeing a workforce of over 120,000 soldiers, DoD and contract personnel with present in all 50 states and supporting over 150 countries. Now retired, Larry serves as the President/CEO of Wyche Leadership and Supply Chain Consulting where he and his team train corporate executive, business owners, upcoming leaders and entrepreneurs in strategies and best practices on leadership and supply chain planning and execution.